Public Speaking Skills Training

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Public Speaking Skills Assessment

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A quick and effective online assessment specifically designed for measuring competence
Public Speaking Skills Assessment
Public Speaking Skills Assessment
About Public Speaking Skills Assessment:
Do you manage to get your message across to an audience of people? Are you energetic, inspiring and clear in presenting information? This assessment will give deeper insight on how you conduct yourself when doing public speaking as well as what steps to take next to help you to structure and present your speech well.
At a Glance
Target Group: Individuals whishing to improve their knwoledge on preparing and presenting speeches in public Total Questions: 20 Location: National (Head Office - Gauteng) Objectives Assessed: Applied Learning
Formal Presentation
Stress Tolerance
Assessment Nature: Online (Paper-Based Optional) Location: Assessments can be done on-site or at our premises depending on level of moderation required.
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